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Insight Security Award

INSIGHT SECURITY LTD is a locally incorporated security services and vetted manpower resources firm. The
company was incorporated and certified under company’s ordinance (Act 2002) in 2009 and has since been
authorized by the office of the Inspector General of Police (Tanzania).

Insight Security Ltd is the next generation of contract security providers. We know what it takes to keep you
and your business safe, but more importantly, we know how to add value to your company by providing
superior customer service and attention to detail. We take ownership of every customer’s company and
property. We are proud of what you and your company have accomplished and ensure that each of our
security guards displays that pride to you and your customers through their appearance and attitude.

At Insight Security Ltd, we care about our customers and their business. We focus on detail that will bring your
company to the forefront in your industry. At Insight Security Ltd, we will add value to your company by
providing you more than a deterrence; we will provide that first impression and customer service that will set
your company ahead of your competition.

Our growth has further demonstrated itself through our sister company, Sublight Solutions [T] Ltd
where we provide manpower to other leading International Security Companies operating in Tanzania under
ISO 9000 certificate.


  • Excellence in security


Offering solutions for security, safety, disaster prevention, detection and management to enhance value to our customers’ objectives. By employing an integration of leading personnel, equipments and concepts


  • Give us your property, we will give you safety.


  • We bring uncompromising honesty and integrity in all our endeavors.
  • We bring superior quality to our solutions
  • We exhibit self-confidence and optimism
  • We serve our customers, partners and vendors with respect
  • We will win with people. Therefore, we promote a work environment that is challenging rewarding
    fast-paced and fun
  • We work tirelessly to stay at the leading edge of services & technology
  • We constantly search for better solutions & we do understand security and safety
  • We neither spare the rod to spoil the child nor call a spade a big spoon but a spade
  • We are truthful


Insight Security Award